Proper’s back – Issue 18 on sale now

Proper 18Proper Magazine
Issue 18
The Road Issue
Pre-order online:

Featuring articles on: New Balance, Napapijri, Motorways, Ark Air, Action Man, and loads more.


It’s now a real job. Writing about stuff that you love, writing about clothes. Wish they’d made everyone queue up all through the night outside a sports shop just to get a copy like what the real fashion establishment do. Worth more than a supreme logo any day of the week. Just owning a copy would do yourself proud. Something to treasue in 2016. Still.


What the Proper boys say about the new magazine:
The first issue since we went pro with this whole magazine thing, issue 18 is a bit more grown up than usual. It’s 18 after all.

It’s loosely themed the Road Issue, with various journey/road/roadtrip features, all written in the usual style, laid out dead nicely and with several jokes woven inbetween.

Even the clothing content has a pretty urban/concrete theme, with an interview with Ark Air’s main man who talks about supplying special forces and how shit army men are at washing clothes properly.

Speaking of army men, our favourite one is 50 years old this year- Action Man. We’ve done a nice feature on the guy who is planning on sending him to space.

Other stuff to feature heavily are some nice bits on Oi Polloi’s latest gear, Napapijri and something amazing once again from Russ of TSPTR fame who reveals yet another cool obsession.

Please be aware, this is a pre-order, magazines won’t be despatched (or is it dispatched?) until the middle of next week. Please therefore allow up to a couple of weeks for delivery. Should be well within that though.

Review of Proper #18
Review of Proper #17

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