Lazio and Roma fans boycott Italy’s historic derby

Roma beat Lazio 4-1 but their win was watched by barely any fans as supporters boycotted the Rome derby in protest against security measures that have been put in place at the Stadio Olimpico.

The Italian clubs share the 70,000-seater stadium but less than 10,000 tickets were reported to have been sold before the showdown which is normally a sell-out on Sunday.

Fans are unhappy at the introduction of barriers in the Curva Sud, used as the home end by Roma, and the Curva Nord, used by Lazio, as it sees their ‘ultra’ supporters split.

Instead of attending the match, ultras of Lazio gathered inside a building to watch the match on TV. Ultras of Roma took to the streets to protest.

For several months now fans of both clubs have boycotted home games in protest of the decision to split the supporter stands with barriers. In middle of the stands, authorities has required glass fences to split up the crowd of supporters, as well as “security lines”. Both famous Curva Nord (Lazio) and Curva Sud (Roma) is affected by this.

Roma-Lazio-6 Roma-Lazio-1

Roma captain Florenzi admitted afterwards that it felt strange to be playing inside a half-empty stadium, particularly given the usual passion that goes with this clash.

‘I did not like the way in which the stadium was empty,’ Florenzi told PremiumSport.

‘The fans from both teams were missed. It is not right that Lazio and Roma can play each other in conditions like this.’

After the 4-1 loss, it was reported in Italian newspapers on Monday that around 400 Lazio fans staged a protest outside their training ground in Formello.

Police were apparently forced to intervene, using tear gas to disperse the mob as 15 were arrested for throwing bricks and rocks.

Roma 4-1 Lazio
Serie A
Sunday, 3 April
Stadio Olimpico, Rome

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