Match preview: Fisher v Corinthian Saturday 9 April 2016

Fisher FC vs Corinthian

Saturday 9 April – kick off 3pm
Southern Counties East
Champion Hill Stadium
Edgar Kail Way
Dog Kennel Hill
London SE22 8BD
» Location


Fisher, natural born fighters, determined survivors, this is what you get when your backs are up against the wall. To say it’s been a rollercoaster season is an understatement. Mostly dips but Fisher’s reputation as fighters is well deserved. A win away from home last weekend means the spirit is still strong. Maybe it’s a south London thing, Millwall, Charlton, Crystal Palace, AFC Wimbledon, but there’s definitely something in the water down here that makes south London football that bit more grittier, that bit more passionate.

Maybe it’s because people invest a lot more into their football, so there’s a lot more to lose. And if you’re a fan-owned club like Fisher that’s pretty much everything.

Fisher, three off the bottom, take on a Corinthians side who are having a pretty healthy run, lying sixth from top. That said, their record away is as poor as Fisher’s home record, which is going to make for an entertaining game if nothing else. It’ll be a case of who wants it more.

Fisher are always worth watching, always worth cheering for.

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