Villa’s Seats on 7 protest – Saturday 9 April 2016

Aston Villa Protest Group


Seats on 7 – Aston Villa vs Bournemouth, Saturday 9 April  2016

Following on from the successful demonstrations against Everton and Chelsea we are again calling on you our fellow supporters to join us in protest. We are asking you to refrain from entering the terraces until 7 minutes after KO this Saturday vs Bournemouth. We also encourage you to join with your fellow supporters either outside the ground, or in the concourse, to make a strong visual and vocal statement that as a fan base we are very much united in our pursuit of answers and positive action from our absent owner.

The significance of 7 minutes being that during Aston Villa’s rich and proud history we have won the League title on 7 occasions, a league in which due to the incompetent ownership of this magnificent club we will not be competing in next season. Further to this, by leaving your seat vacant at kick off you will be mimicking the actions of our absent owner, whose seat has not been filled at Villa Park since September of 2014. That being the ONLY time he has attended Villa Park since December 2012.

We also want to see a continuation of Banners Out on 74. The supporters must now own this.

We have been asked why we don’t protest the players. That is not in our particular remit, they are a symptom of the disease rather than the cause. However we feel that banners, such as those seen last Saturday, provide the ideal opportunity for fans to express their discontent towards ownership and players alike.

We must maintain the pressure on Mr Lerner. The need for him to make a statement addressing the concerns in our recent open letter to him along with the need for him to action the three requests within that statement is as imperative as ever. Further to this we are in a crucial time for the club as it seeks to appoint a new manager and we must leave those responsible in no doubt that they must work hard to appoint the correct manager for the plight we face.

We must continue to show the world that despite a lack of passion from Mr Lerner and from the players that we the supporters care deeply for our club. That we will not rest until Aston Villa is proven to be back on a firm footing and heading in the right direction.

The silence is deafening.

Four weeks ago today we released our Open Letter to Mr Lerner. This letter was written in conjunction with Aston Villa supporters as a whole and within it we made 3 very clear requests. Despite attempts to action one of those requests the club and indeed Randy Lerner is yet to respond to either the letter or indeed the protests themselves. Our message to him is that we are not going away.

It is extremely frustrating and disappointing that we are having to repeat ourselves in asking him to acknowledge the Open Letter and in doing so, the dedication shown by supporters through this difficult period in our history. To provide the answers they deserve. We ourselves have devoted thousands of man-hours and indeed finances in pushing for these answers, it is time Mr Lerner delivered on his obligation. Due to this silence we grow more irritated and even more motivated by the day.

We will be pressing forward with ‘Seats on 7’ this Saturday vs Bournemouth when we are asking all supporters to leave their seats vacant for the first 7 minutes of the game in recognition of our 7 league titles and an absentee owner and have further organised protests planned for both the Southampton (April 23rd) and Newcastle (May 7th) home games.

Our Open Letter again –

We eagerly await a response from Mr Lerner.

Aston Villa Protest Group

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