Closer Than Most – new Warehouse Sweatshirt

What else you gonna wear for the Euro16 finals?

CTM warehouse sweatshirt1
northern quarter mate? Nah never heard of it

As local rivalries and old enemies get set aside for another year and everyone rightly celebrates a magnificent Leicester season (and the fact that Fisher didn’t go down), thoughts turn to what to wear for the European championships this Summer.

Sure, no-one really gives a toss about the national team any more, but it’s in France and you want to look your best as you watch the cream of Europe’s multi-millionaires advertise their skills to prospective new employers, even if you are perched under the big screen TV down the local boozer with an ice-cold bottle of the fizzy lager of your choice (Brahma Chopp bar man, let’s keep it international) on a rainy night in July. It’s like a catwalk out there sometimes (it makes me wonder how i keep from going under…)

So now is the time to think about getting your wardrobe ready, you can’t be too prepared – cargo shorts? in London? in June?!

And to get everyone in the mood, Manchester’s finest have released a bit of northern class in the form of a burnt orange Warehouse sweatshirt. It’s something of a departure for the CTM team in as much as there isn’t a slogan or image to act as a distraction, no-where to hide, judged by the cut of your cloth, as it were.

Personally we think it’s a brave move and if it wears as good as it looks, it means they’re moving on and up in the world.

CTM released the two best pieces of headgear last year – the famous shutter beanie (which introduced the world to the its cold up north tag) and the absolutely stunning scuttlers inspired Bengal waxed flat cap which was part of their Stealth project, a strictly limited edition individually numbered range of one-off pieces, and now a genuine collectors item (and something we genuinely treasure).

Love the fact they’re still taking it seriously, someone’s got to look after us.


CTM warehouse sweatshirtCloser Than Most
WAREHOUSE Sweatshirt
Burnt Orange

  • Classic Heavyweight Sweatshirt
  • Leather Cog to left breast
  • CTM ‘Its Cold Up North’ tag to left sleeve
  • Heavyweight combed poly/cotton Sweatshirt
  • Handprinted in Manchester

Buy it here:


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– Our tip for next tag slogan: never been down south

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