Bystander shot and killed during Brazil derby clash

A man was shot dead in Sao Paulo during a fight between fans of local football clubs Palmeiras and Corinthians. Police said the man, whose identity was not revealed, was an innocent bystander as rival fans clashed in the entrance of the Sao Miguel train station in Sao Paulo’s eastern suburbs on Sunday 3 April 2016.

“A man who was not a fan was shot in the heart and died,” police officer Luiz Gonzaga told the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper.

In another incident, 25 people were reportedly injured during clashes between fans of the same teams.

Palmeiras and Corinthians are among Brazil’s most successful clubs, having won 14 Brazilian top flight titles between them since 1959. Palmeiras won Sunday’s Sao Paulo state league match 1-0 at Allianz Parque.

Sao Paulo police have banned away fans from attending city derbies until the end of the year after a bystander was shot dead on Sunday as Palmeiras and Corinthians fans battled ahead of their state championship game.

The decision was taken by the state’s military police in conjunction with the Paulista State Football Federation and public prosecutors.

“This will avoid the need for the Military Police to escort organised fan groups, which will allow a reinforcement of policing around the stadiums,” Alexandre de Moraes, the Sao Paulo state’s police chief, said in a statement.

Although they did not specify which clubs would be hit by the move, it is likely to apply to the state’s big four — Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and Sao Paulo. Authorities also announced they would ban home fans groups from taking banners and drums into stadiums in the state.

While the groups say they are merely fanatical supporters, police and prosecutors have identified them as hooligans and behind some of the worst football-related violence in Brazil which has left dozens dead over the last two decades.

Officials also said they had identified 50 fans involved in the latest violence and would be banning them from stadiums. Police arrested at least 60 people in at least four locations across the city before and after the match, according to news reports.

“These fans are going to suffer a big setback,” said public prosecutor Paulo Castilho. “The circle is closing on them and all the institutions are united to end football violence.”

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