More Than Just a Toy by The 2 Per Cent


A song inspired by the reckless way that Charlton Athletic FC, – a significant community asset, continues to be torn apart by a delusional absent owner and his cronies. This song is supported by the Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD)


More Than Just a Toy by The 2 Per Cent

Roland Duchatelet, thinks he’s found a clever way
With his metrics and statistics he believes football’s simplistic
Such an easy game to play – Huh!
Yes he believes he knows it all, and he understands football
And just because he’s made his riches out of electronic switches
We should all be in his thrall – Huh!
Every tackle, every run, every pass becomes a sum
And with his entourage of chancers, he’s convinced he has the answers
Knows his elbow from his bum – Huh!

Hey Roland! You’re not the new Messiah
More like Monty Python’s naughty boy
Surrounded by puppets, fools and liars
This football club is more than just a toy

Then there’s silly Uncle Dick, now his wits are not so quick
While he disses Peter Varney, and he smiles at us so smarmy
It’s enough to make you sick
He still desperately clings to the hope of one last fling
Our inept president likes to describe our discontent
As just a message-board thing

But Richard it really isn’t funny
The way our trust in you has been abused
Face it, you’ll never get your money
Come let someone better fill your shoes

Katrien doesn’t care; she’s our very worst night-miere
With her mis-communication and her false insinuations
She drives us to despair
She has her favourite man, and he drives a Laundry van
From Colchester to London, he’s a very clever someone
With his clever escape plan
She says that we’re all weird and that we shouldn’t interfere
But we’ll defeat her with our rugs and flasks and our Disney puppet masks
When she’s gone we’ll still be here

Dear Katrien you’ve over-stayed your welcome
You talk in such a condescending way,
Collect your things and sod-off back to Belgium – Huh!
The Eurostar is right on time today.

two per cent charlton song

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