Match report: Fisher FC v Corinthian

Fisher FC 0-3 Corinthian

Saturday 9 April 2016
Southern Counties East League
by Deano

English footballing weather. If there are three words to strike fear and dread into the very soul of every one who takes to the pitch at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon it is the phrase english footballing weather.

And today was a text-book example. A grim talisman of cold biting wind, dull grey overcast skies and a hint of rain that whips across the face and tears at the skin like flecks of frozen spit. Watching football on days like these requires three things: a sense of inner resolve against the forces of nature, some sound fermented beverage preferably served up in constant supply (we recommend any of the fizzy lagers they serve behind the bar at Champion Hill, any one will do, in this weather they all go down the same way), and a mountain climbers expert sartorial knowledge of necessary insulating materials.

Fisher play from the gut. It is instinctive and compelling. But it doesn’t get them goals though and it doesn’t win them matches. From the kick off they take the ball into the middle of the field, it’s attacking football but without focus, the ‘hit and hope’ strategy may be more to do with nerves than tactics. This is a game Fisher need to win. You can sense it amongst the players and on the bench, it’s like a taught piano wire over tightened and about to snap at any moment. It’s difficult to overcome and any silly mistake, stray pass or clumsy challenge, which would be shrugged off and fought back against under normal circumstances is channelled into an opportunity for Corinthian.

If it was just about the football there was no reason for Fisher not to come away from this game with at least a point. It’s not like they played badly – the energy levels were, as always, impressive, and they didn’t look like they played a 3 nil losing game. If that’s frustrating for us as spectators it must be a doubly frustrating for the players and management team.

Corinthian opened their account from the penalty spot on the 23rd minute. A poor clearance header from a searching Corinthian cross allowed the ball to be threaded through into the box only to see the feet of the intended recipient swept away by a challenging Fisher defender. No4 Ryan Croucher easily slotted the ball home from the spot to give the visitors a gifted lead.

Despite being a goal down Fisher maintained their composure but it was Corinthian who sought to capitalise on their good fortune threatening the Fisher end with a series of patient build-ups. It eventually paid off in the 41st minute with a second goal which was as well deserved as it was executed. A floated ball across the park towards the box was expertly brought down by No11 Michael Hagan who with one deft touch sent the Fisher defender the wrong way and opened up space to hit a beautifully judged shot into the back of the net.

The second half was scrappy and hard-fought, with both teams refusing to give anything away, but making little in terms of goal scoring chances. It was Fisher who did create the only real opportunity of the half with a searing long-range shot which had the keeper well beaten only to scrape against the wrong side of the post. It was typical of Fisher’s day.

Towards the end of the game Corinthian had a man sent off for a second yellow card offence giving Fisher the chance to take of advantage of the extra man on the field. It wasn’t to be and to add insult to injury Corinthian sneaked in a third on the stroke of full-time, Michael Hagan once again the scorer pushing the ball under the outstretched keeper into the corner of the net.

You could say today’s game was typical of Fisher’s season in general – nothing seemed to go right without doing anything particularly wrong. Fighting till the end but with nothing to show for it. Must be heartbreaking in the dressing room after a match like this. But still love watching Fisher play, there is something there, something essential in what they do, lesser teams, lesser players, lesser clubs would have buckled by now and thrown in the towel, lost heart. Not Fisher. And as long as the half-dozen ‘Fisher ultras’ make the Toilet Opposite stand their own saturday in, saturday out, there’s always something worth fighting for. And as long as Dean Harrison’s there, there’s always someone fighting. A new home, a new start and a new world in the morning. Next season everything changes.

Attn: 86

Matchday wardrobe:
Carhartt black Troop jacket
Pringle black/purple/blue argyle high neck cardigan
Ben Sherman navy windowpane check shirt
Nudie jeans Steady Eddie Old Sea
Adidas Powerphase trainers (blue)
The look: methadone pretty



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