The Pamphlet: Fans call for improved democracy at FC United

Back in the 1640s, during the English civil war, a radical political movement called the Levellers articulated their concerns about the use and abuse of state power and their demands for political freedom in a series of brilliantly written pamphlets which were circulated widely and discussed in taverns, town meetings or wherever people met.

So why, nearly four hundred years later, in the age of the internet and mass communications are you reading a pamphlet about FC United of Manchester?

Well, we’ve seen our own civil unrest this year and there are serious concerns about the use and abuse of power, by the board and General Manager, at our beloved football club; democracy, accountability and transparency have been undermined on countless occasions during the last twelve months.

These concerns have been debated extensively online but, thankfully, not all of us spend half our lives on the internet so many supporters and co-owners may be unaware of many of the issues.

So to bring the issues forward for more discussion in the lead up to the general meeting on April 24th, The Pamphlet was created and distributed at Saturday’s game by a concerned group of people, including four of the original FC United of Manchester steering group plus writers from the fan publications Under the Boardwalk (the original FCUM fanzine) and A Fine Lung.

Pamphlet_web-1 Pamphlet_web-2 Pamphlet_web-3

To view it click here: The Pamphlet [pdf]

Read more here:

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