The future is here: Represent AW16 jackets

Represent Dusk AW2016 – The Jackets

Sometimes you need to take stock, gain a bit of perspective, a bit of depth. Sometimes something comes along and knocks yr bollocks off, makes you go i’ll have some of that, makes you go a little bit excited.

The facts are these – you wear the clothes you wear because they make you feel good when you do, that’s the idea. A bit of swagger, a bit of charm, charge the fucking particles, walking tall. There’s no secret, no hidden message, no logo is worth your self-respect.

If you look at the recent big name catwalk shows in Paris/Milan it soon becomes clear the rich privileged spew of creatives and business managers want us all to look like fucking dickheads. It’s piss take as a form of revenge.

These jackets are a bit different though, a bit special. A kind of post-apocalyptic mod look,  Mad Max meets Quadrophenia, the perfect accompaniment to drinking in bars after an evening of dodging tear gas and white plastic chairs in foreign European cities. Cultured. With a bit of fucking class. Designed to take the knocks, designed to look good in full flight. Take pride in your… presence.

Will they work on the terraces? If the price range is right we’ll let you know this autumn.


repco1 dusk aw16

repco7 dusk aw16

repco6 dusk aw16


repco2 dusk aw16repco8 dusk aw16repco9 dusk aw16repco5 dusk aw16repco4 dusk aw16repco13 dusk aw16repco12 dusk aw16repco11 dusk aw16 repco10 dusk aw16

Keep your eyes open:

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