Charlton’s new protest shirt

The Covered End Choir have produced an alternative Charlton shirt for this coming season as part of the continued protest at the club over the current owners and management

Protest_Shirt Charlton

It comes in all sizes (including kids), available to buy for £25 direct from the Covered End website here.

The design of the shirt directly reflects the black and white theme that has run from the beginning of the protests started by the “Spell it Out” campaign. They are also the colours worn when Charlton lifted the FA Cup in 1947.

Inspired by the Charlton logo from the 1940s they introduced a black and white beach ball for the logo on our shirt in celebration of our breakthrough protest in front of the Sky cameras against Middlesbrough. The number 12 represents us the fans and 12th man, as we continue to support the team, not the regime.


Covered End Choir:

This football shirt “Covered End Choir” comes out of the continuing protests by Charlton Athletic fans against stay-away owner Roland Duchâtelet and his regime. We are a few Charlton fans inspired to make this shirt by the spirit and creativity that other fans continue to display in the fight to remove him from our club.

We support The Coalition Against Roland Duchâtelet (CARD) which was formed in January 2016 to bring together and co-ordinate Charlton fans’ protests. We hope this shirt will complement and add weight to the forthcoming protests that CARD and other fans will plan this season.

Everyone involved in this shirt is a volunteer and all profits will be split equally between local charities and the protest fund.

We would like to thank Data Techniques who have kindly sponsored this shirt. Every penny of their sponsorship was directly donated by them to charity.

If you need to contact us please email

charlton protest shirt


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