Work clothes as leisure wear – Engelbert Strauss safety boots

Engelbert Strauss Pallas low safety boots (peat/clay)


  • steel toe cap
  • High-quality outer material mix in Nubuck leather with breathable textile material
  • Sturdy Nubuck leather scuff cap
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Full-surface removable insole
  • Anti-slip rubber/EVA sole with a good grip in compliance with SRC, anti-static, fuel-resistant and heat-resistant up to approx. 200°C

The fashionistas love affair with the trackie bottom aesthetic continues undiminished so our predication that the fashion world will next turn their attention to manual labour workwear¹ looks like it won’t happen until sometime in 2017. It’ll come though, there’s only so much life you can suck out of the designer chav-scum-off-the-estate look and only so many damaged minor celebrities to wear it – in the age of austerity don’t forget, poor is cool.

The work boot has come a long way. The traditional industry standard – high top, honey-coloured nubuck leather (DeWalt, Caterpillar, Carhartt, Timberland) is still pretty universal on building sites, but newer, more stylish, more comfortable safety boots are appearing all the time. The bonus is they are beginning to take the shape and resemble trainers of a certain type. The lines are gradually blurring and nowadays there is a higher specification and more developed workmanship on a modern safety boot than the most expensive top range trainers. What’s the betting Supreme will bring out their work boot collaboration with Site for AW17?

These are my actual new work boots, but would they work on the football terraces? Come the winter time when we’re all freezing our bollocks off in sub-zero temperatures,  snow sitting three inches deep on the touchline on a dark and wet saturday afternoon, maybe matched with a pair of classic Edwin ED55s or Our Legacy First Cut raw blue, guarantee they will.












¹ Vetements doing a DHL top doesn’t count.


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