Tuk Tuk t-shirt: ghost in the machine


What sets a class act apart? Universal question deserves a universal answer. If we’re talking Sam Cooke, if we’re talking Harold Larwood, if we’re talking Jean Seberg in A Bout de Souffle, it’s delivery.

So when your Tuk Tuk t-shirt arrives on your doorstep you know you’re dealing with people who give a fuck. The packaging is the size/shape of the shirt itself, not folded or rolled up and stuffed into any old bag so there’s no unnecessary creasing, it was packed as it was meant to be sold. A minor detail maybe, but something that you appreciate all the same. Like the fact there’s tissue paper lining inside.

And you can understand why Tuk Tuk care so much about their products. The material is soft as snow, lightweight and breathable but with a spring and elasticity that gives it a subtle strength and sturdiness. When you put it on it shapes itself to your body, but doesn’t lose its shape when you take it off, the materials almost willing itself to remain pristine.

It’s a lovely bit of gear, beautifully put together. It’s beachwear for hot summers in metropolitan cities, it’s terrace gear for the first match of the new season (with the flip-flops and your battered bucket hats), before things start getting serious again. A bit of fucking cloth stitched together for a generation built on knowing the difference between the way you do things and they way things are done. It’s looking good in the age of austerity, it’s still all about looking smart in the dying days of capitalism.

Plus you’ve got to love the Tuk Tuk approach:

Primary inspirations for the brand come from our daily surroundings, be it a rainy city in the North of England, or a tropical setting in a far away land. Taking inspiration from the wonderful colours, flavours, experiences and personalities of our travels.

Working with a mixture of vibrant palettes and a nod to yesteryear, we make classic menswear with a dash of colour and nostalgia. Believing in impeccable quality, all garments are crafted with care and attention, have a strong emphasis on detail, and possess an air of fine tailoring.

All our clothing and accessories are made in factories that have a wealth of experience and skill. We produce high quality, long lasting products that are sourced at a fair price. We avoid mass production where possible, and buy low quantities of fabrics to keep our styles as fresh and as individual as possible.

Tuk Tuk Panel T-Shirt (Powder Pink/White)

  • Short sleeved crew neck t-shirt
  • two tone panel t-shirt with rounded pocket to left breast
  • our Panel Tees come with a very subtle slub effect on the fabric to give them an interesting and unique finish.
  • Made from a 100%, medium-weight, 160gsm cotton
  • pre-washed for a soft laundered effect














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