Banner of the week: Save Fabric, Holmesdale Fanatics

Top boys, top banner…


…spot on politics

Holmesdale Fanatics explain:

Our motivations for this banner in support of Fabric stem from what we see as a crackdown on youth culture in London and the UK as a whole. The football terraces were once a place of expression for the youth of this country but were taken away from their rightful owners and replaced with a mass top down sterilisation of the game that sought furthered control and greater profits for those at the top.

Our fight is primarily with those who have damaged the game of football but unfortunately negative parallels can be drawn between the decline of UK terrace culture and London’s music scene today. Many of the best pubs and clubs in London (The Recreation Ground, SE1, The Port Manor and Cable) have closed in recent years more often than not to make way for expensive flats.

London is not Oligarchs keeping their money safe in property, its caning it down the pub Friday night after work, going to the match on a Saturday with your pals, raving till Sunday lunch and most importantly, it is resisting those who try to take our culture away from us. Once again we see the desire for profit attempting to stamp out British youth culture. We will not let this continue.

The loss of the capitals most iconic venue would represent a physical and representative loss in this ongoing battle between profit and the cities youth. Fabric is an institution, one many of us have spent seminal nights in and a keystone in London’s nightlife. Saturday afternoons might be for football but Saturday nights are for raving, for many of us they go hand in hand, a weekend not complete without both.

Fabric need cash to ready them for the upcoming legal battle with the old bill. Last time they beat them in court and with support they will do it again. Donate to the cause below.

Together our spirit is unbreakable.




Crystal Palace 4-1 Stoke
Sunday 18 September 2016
Selhurst Park
Premier league

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