Working Class skincare with coffee


Every single fibre of my being is screaming out DON’T it’s for fucking hipsters, and yes if it’s picked up by the wankstain Dalston twats as a sort of extension of their craft beer jamjar aesthetic i shall be very upset indeed, and yet..

Here are the things in its favour:
1. calling your company ‘Working Class’. You cheeky fuckers. A lot of fucking front if nothing else
2. male grooming products for men. Niche market, shows dedication and a willingness to go up against the odds. Male skincare products have come a long way. I love Bulldog aftershave balm, or Lab Series moisturiser if i’m feeling a bit flush. Okay i still can’t get over the fact he’s called his brand Working Class Company
3. Nice design
4. It’s a one man operation which means it’s a labour of love. If anything every single product is overflowing with this guy’s enthusiasm and belief in what he’s doing. That makes them a good product by default
5. all the products are from natural ingredients free of artificial fragrances, parabens, colors and harsh chemicals, hand-made in the US
6. he did a promo video with his mate in a gym who happens to be a pro MMA fighter and BJJ black belt see here
7. None of the products are tested on animals, in fact they’re all tested on him!
8. coffee and moisturiser together in one bottle, job done

Going against:
1. tattoos and beards
2. he sells ‘beard oil’ which is basically hipster crack

Anyway, check ’em out for yourself, tell us what you think


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