Represent AW16 jackets – the business

Dusk Drop 4 – Outerwear

Whatever you want to say about anything else these are the dogs bollocks. These are the jackets for those who don’t give a fuck about what Supreme are sniffing in the toilets of their grubby media penthouses and ivory Palaces.

Love this. Buy with caution, wear with pride.

represent-scoop-parka-burnt-oliveScooped Parka – Burnt olive beeswax

represent-scoop-parka-camoScooped Parka – Camo beeswax

prepresent-hunter-military-parkaMilitary Parka – Hunter

represent-military-parka-oliveMilitary Parka  – Olive beeswax

represent-pullover-jacketPullover Jacket – Burnt olive beeswax

represent-hunter-fur-bomberFur Bomber Jacket – Hunter

represent-denim-sherpa-jacket-camoSherpa jacket – Camo


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