Fake Banksy returns to Kilburn

As elusive, controversial and no less political than the real thing, fake Banksy has been keeping a low profile of late. Until now. Suddenly out of no-where a new piece has appeared on a wall in London’s second best area to usher in the start of 2017. The secretive street artist who specialises in homage street art has returned to his/her spiritual home in NW6.

We asked Dave from the Cock Tavern across the road to authenticate it. “yeah definitely fake. Can i go back in now it’s fucking freezing.”

The exact location of the new fake Banksy work is a closely guarded secret given the level of interest fake Banksy street art has amongst art collectors, who will steal anything, especially if it’s painted on a public wall.

We tried to find a student hipster type on the high street to say something profound and ironic about it but thankfully we couldn’t find any.

We think this piece is called ‘Nan’.




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