Walsh trainers – the last of the Tornadoes

The Norman Walsh website is looking a little threadbare at the moment, definite trainer drought, not much on offer, the final left over remnants of last year’s stock, and a crashing half price sale to flush out the last of the deadstock to make way for 2017’s bright new futures.

But if you look hard enough there’s still some class Walsh trainers to be had out there. Boden for example have got a couple of stunning Tornados on offer, both in unfamiliar colourways, so presumably not for the British market (they have certainly not been sold through the Walsh website, although Boden is selling other Walsh trainers that are readily available in the UK) which means you’ll be walking around with something a little out of the ordinary, a bit special.

How Boden got hold of these is anyone’s guess, but we’re glad they did. If we had the readies, definitely go for the green/orange/white ones, celtic innit.

Walsh Tornado (Navy/Orange/Emerald)



Walsh Tornado (Orange/Yellow/Navy)


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