2016 in pictures

London throws up some beautiful moments when it wants to. All these images, untouched, were taken on your everyday iphone 5.

7 January

Kilburn, London 7am 7 Jan 2016

where the streets are paved with gold. At the bus stop 7am, first week back at work of the new year, freezing cold, wet and miserable.

9 January

Nudie Jeans Steady Eddie Old Sea

Sales. Reduced from £120 to £60. Steady Eddie, Old Sea. There is always comfort to be had in quality.

10 January


Just to remind us we don’t forget. Closer Than Most Shutter Beanie (Aqua Heather). Made by and for the northern working class

26 March


Saturday evening bus ride home after the Fisher v Deal game at Champion Hill. Wet again

4 April


Up on the roof, taking photos of trainers, and fire escapes. The Powerphase.

17 April


A magazine, one of the four this year, effortlessly compiled, beautifully put together. Setting the standard.

21 April


Talking clobber down in Soho with Oi Polloi and the lad from Tender. Boss night out. Bloody expensive shirts (long sleeve butterfly shirt – madder calico)

24 April

Charlton protest Sat 24 Apr 2016

You know things are getting serious when the fella on the mobility scooter turns up. Charlton protest against their owners outside the ground joined by Brighton fans with a chorus of ‘we hate Palace more than you’.

30 April


They exist. We told you they were real. The mythical Stone Island hipster spotted sitting at the bus stop, Oxford Street

19 June

Proper magazine issue 19

Morrissey on the front cover of Proper during Euro 2016. Challenging.

21 June

Title: Damon Fucking Hirst [Altantic Surf 4, dulux vinyl matt 5l unmixed]

Bit of fancy abstract art courtesy of Vita down at Leyland Goodge st, mixing paint is a skill

6 July

adidas gazelle navy with yellow stripes

PROSE live at the Seabright Arms, dancing feet in a pair of navy gazelles

9 July

Crockenhill FC turnstile

Old style turnstiles down at Crockenhill, there to see Fisher play a pre-season friendly. Swanley, Kent

17 July


More gear from the label putting the world to rights with a nod and a wink in the right direction, it’s happy hour again

26 July

British Summer Time

those a-z guide books, early morning Oxford st, British Summer Time

31 July

Engelbert Strauss Pallas low safety boots (peat/clay)

These boots are made for walkin’

8 August

South of The River

Evening walk back from flyposting Bermondsey with Fisher posters. The angel of South London, Tooley St

11 September

Tuk Tuk Larry L/S Shirt (Flannel Oatmeal Check)

Tuk Tuk Larry L/S Shirt (Flannel Oatmeal Check), the look of autumn lovingly crafted

21 September


Record of the year. Without question. Band of Holy Joy. The shoulders that every other fucker stands on.

29 September

Old School

Bargain basement find at a charity shop in north London. Classic Peter Storm cagoule, perfect condition, less than a tenner, old school

1 October

007A View from the Dockers End – behind the goal at Fisher’s new stadium

15 October


The rain falls hard on… the walk home from the station after the Fisher game (yep, definitely a theme building here)

22 October

048Tide out on the Rotherhithe peninsula, the Thames hidden secrets

16 November


Another rainy night in Soho. Oi Polloi’s top boy Nigel Lawson gives it large about Adidas trainers to a shop full of Cockney wideboys and Manc exiles. Manchester Marine and Arwick put in an appearence, but stars of the show are definitely a pair of original Hawaii and Samoa.

A little bit of what we fancy:

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