Top 20 richest football clubs – how the obscene sleep at night

mottoIt’s that time of year again when Deloitte, everyone’s favourite global financial parasites, once again get very excited by the idea of football clubs making obscene amounts of money and publishes its annual list of the highest revenue generating clubs in football today.

No real surprises about any of the clubs named, or the level of money these clubs pull in. Combined revenue of the top 20 clubs below rose 12% to €7.4 billion (£5.5 billion) in 2015/16, a new record, with three clubs breaking the €600m barrier. It is obscene in every sense of the word, monopoly money for the souless times we live in.

The death of football as a working class leisure activity is beyond parody now as every middle class hipster twat claims their place at the front of the queue and millions upon millions are passed blindly over our heads.

Just to be clear – the match day revenue for every single club listed generates the least amount of money. As we’ve said previously (last year in fact when last year’s figures were published) the football supporter is the least important part of any premier league football club – background noise and colour for the TV cameras and corporate sponsors.

We are our own worst enemies.


Top 20 Clubs in terms of Revenue 2015/16 season
1 Manchester United  €689m  €137m €187.6m €363.9m
2 Real Madrid  €620.2m  €121.4m €202.7m €296.1m
3 FC Barcelona  €620.1m €129m €227.7m €263.4m
4 FC Bayern Munich  €592m  €101.8m €147.6m €342.6m
5 Manchester City  €524.9m  €70.2m €215.8m €238.9m
6 Paris Saint Germain  €520.9m  €92.5m €123.1m €305.3m
7 Arsenal  €468.5m  €132m €167.7m €135.8m
8 Chelsea  €447.4m  €93.1m €178.2m €148.7m
9 Liverpool  €403.8m  €75m €163.8m €153m
10 Juventus  €341.1m  €51.4m €199m €73.5m
11 Borussia Dortmund  €283.9m  €54.2m €82.1m €144.3m
12 Tottenham  €279.7m  €54.2m €125.2m €78.1m
13 Atletico Madrid  €228.6m  €37.2m €86.6m €63.3m
14 FC Schalke  €224.5m  €39.2m €72.6m €107.9m
15 AS Roma €218.2m €30.4m €114m €36m
16 AC Milan  €214.7m €22.3m €79.7m €97.1m
17 Zenit St Petersburg €196.5m  €35.2m €103.8m €30.9m
18 West Ham €192.3m  €26.2m €47.7m €67.1m
19 Internazionale €179.2m  €24.6m €114.1m €26.4m
20 Leicester City €172.1m €22.2m €97.2m €45.4m

Look at Deloitte:

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