A View from the Dockers End

Saturday 28 January 2017

Fisher 3-0 Erith & Belvedere
St Paul’s Stadium, SE16


It’s been a long time coming. We’ve waited a long time for this. The misery. The heartache. The stuff of dreams. If there was one thing more miserable than the weather it was always the scoreline. Week after week, always the losing side, always the long journey back to the bottom of the table.

Yet the faith remained, never wavered, we never faltered, we never stopped singing. We never walked away. Fisher. South London. Still we came back, week after week, if we’re going to lose, we lose together.

So Fisher returned home back to Rotherhithe at the start of this season, back to where it all began, after years in the wilderness in a different post code. SE16 sounds about right. Natural, suits the temperament, suits the atmosphere. A new ground, a new start. Each game this season has been a struggle, a struggle to gain momentum, to gain a foothold, to maintain some sort of focus, to provide a sense of purpose. It was only when Dean Harrison came back that things started to make sense again. Move forward. A football club looking more like a football club. And it was this game in particular when Fisher suddenly started to look like a football team again. It’s been a long time coming.

The most frustrating thing though is that for most of the time Fisher haven’t been playing badly at all, there’s some skilled players and decent football to be had individually speaking, it’s just they never looked like a team. Our team.

But we fucking loved it though, despite the knock-backs and upsets, us at the Dockers End, the regulars behind the goal, always singing, staking our claim, an undiminshed faith in what Fisher has to offer – the potential, the spirit, the gamesmanship, and if we’re going down, we’re going down singing, it’s the only way to go.

So it was a joy from start to finish on saturday, Erith put up a bit of a fight but they were never really in it, overwhelmed by the renewed energy and committment of an ever improving Fisher side. Plus it was the win that took the home side off the bottom of the table. Good times ahead. In fact the only down side was the posh twat middle class element that seemed get everywhere these days, for a bit of a laugh.

Funny thing is we had a group of Whitstable lads with us in the West Stand the previous home game. They came along with their flags (which they put up and claimed the dockers end as their own) they outnumbered us three to one and were in fine singing voice. In fact we spent most of the game trying to out-chant each other – fair play to them, they did have more songs than us, were more drunk than us, and stayed with us for the full 90 minutes.

The difference between the two sets of people couldn’t be starker. Whereas the Whitstable lads were welcome, the claptonistas felt they were intruding, being ironic, slumming it.

Probably the main problem with the non-league middle-class claptonistas is, well fuck it, a ritualised sense of their own self-importance. As has been said before cultural tourism for the out-of-work creatives and advantaged social elite, that sense of entitlement and arrogance on display.

I want Fisher to be the Millwall of non-league, with Millwall fans adopting them as their second club. A bit of history to be had in the geography of football. The local working class. Whether it becomes another hobby horse for the middle class left to fuck with, only time will tell…


Fisher 3-0 Erith & Belvedere
Saturday 28 January 2017
St Paul’s Stadium
Attn: 155

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