Swindon v Oxford – never let us down

In a world where twitter rules as the voice of middle class football commentary it’s good to know real life football fans still exist in real life.  Swindon v Oxford fixture retains that little piece of working class malevolence that scares the shit out of the posh twat brigade.

So what did we have:

  • five arrests
  • a two man pitch invasion
  • some decent banners
  • 250 coppers from 5 different forces to liaise with fans
  • hipster hooligans. Is that a thing?
  • whose streets? flares and a bit of a kick-off outside the ground

stick yer half and half scarf up yer arse

swindon-v-oxford-5feb17bswindon-v-oxford-5feb17cswindon-v-oxford-5feb17d swindon-v-oxford-5feb17eswindon-v-oxford-5feb17fswindon-v-oxford-5feb17gswindon-x-oxford-5feb17

Swindon Town 1-2 Oxford United
Sunday 5 February 2017
County Ground


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